International Exchange Center

Beijing Normal University at Zhuhai (Jinghuayuan Hotel)


Address: No. 18, Tangjiawan Jinfeng Road, Xiangzhou District, Zhuhai City, Guangdong Province, China      

ZIP Code: 102211 Tel: 0756-2686999

地址:广东省珠海市香洲区唐家湾金凤路18号     邮编:102211 电话:0756-2686999


International Exchange Center, Beijing Normal University, Zhuhai (Jinghuayuan Hotel) is the first hotel established by a higher education institution in Zhuhai, with the background of "education", which integrates growth education, academic education and health education. Located in the Zhuhai campus of Beijing Normal University, "The most Beautiful Valley University", it stands "the world is stable and the years are quiet". The hotel is surrounded by Beijing Institute of Technology Zhuhai College, Tangjiawan Light Rail Station, Zhuhai International Velodrome, Zhuhai Cuihu Golf Course and other campuses and leisure venues.






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BDE 2023 conference secretary


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